Happy Hub

Filtering your life with happiness

About Us

Happy Hub is a member’s only subscription site that brings together a library of Happy Days approved techniques from Our Experts. The content we share each month can help you to make positive changes to the way that you think, feel and act.

 Happy Hub was created by the Happy Days team; Superstar DJ and Leading thought coach Brandon Block, Goal Mapping creator Brian Mayne, Personal Development expert Michelle Allen and Family Coach and Social Media Guru, Gaynor Murphy.

The Happy Days team bring together decades of experience in self development across a range of sectors. We have combined all of our skills and experiences to show people how their minds work, to teach them effective tools that can harness their potential, achieve their personal goals and enjoy true happiness in all areas of their lives. Offering a fully holistic approach to self-care.

Our Values & Beliefs

Everyone has the right to live happier lives.

We know that people are struggling and often we are not given the right advice and guidance on how to deal with our own feelings. Happy Hub has been created to bridge that gap. We want to provide people with access to quality content so that they can take back control and begin to make a real difference to their everyday lives.

Affordable and accessible for everyone.

Happy Hub was born from the Happy Days team. We are on a social mission to change the face of self-care and personal development. We believe that there should be easier, more affordable, more accessible information out there so that everyone can benefit. Knowledge is power but there is no greater power than self-knowledge.

Filtering happiness into your life.

We understand that you can’t be happy all of the time but we do believe that by introducing more positivity and self-care daily you can begin to make better choices. Overtime it is those choices that will filter more happiness into your everyday life. Making small changes, one day at a time.

Our Approach

We know how easy it is to focus on what is happening around us and so we can sometimes forget that real change comes from within. We are sure that you have all heard this before, but did you know that this is now scientifically proven? Through the modern world of Neuroscience, we have discovered that we have the possibility to create new pathways in our brains.

So, by simply changing our thoughts we can create a direct link to our beliefs. Ultimately, this means we have the ability to influence our behaviours and with repetition we can make everlasting changes.

Start to think of your brain as the most powerful technology you will come across in your lifetime! The best news is, that with a little guidance, you will have full control of it.

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